One-on-One Grief Coaching

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I know exactly what it feels like to wonder, "Why Me?... Why did I have to be the one that loss someone that meant the world to me?" Coping with a Loss is hard... but coping with a Tragic Loss pierces your soul to the deepest of the deepest part.


What I know for sure is that grieving doesn’t stop after a funeral…it is an empty feeling in a heart that hovers over you like a dark cloud day in and day out…years and years pass and even when you feel like you are making it through...there is always a piece of the puzzle of your life that will forever be missing.


I want you to know that you are NOT alone, that your loss may have happened months or years ago but it has not been forgotten. I am here to help you understand that Jesus is our comforter and God is our strength...  


I want you to understand that it’s okay not to be strong, it’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to cry but  know that no matter what the emotion is…God is still and always will be right- there-by your side.

Even through the fear, weakness, devastation, heartache, pain, and loneliness Jesus is holding you tight giving you the strength and courage you need to wake up and face the reality of what you are going through but second by second, minute by minute He is continuously pushing you through.

Understand that God hears your private scream for help even when the constant tears flowing from you face is all you can manage to get out.

This session is designed to restore and renew your mind. It is designed to give you peace knowing that Loss is Dark and Sad but Jesus is Light and Joy. Yes, Loss makes you Weak and Angry but Jesus gives you Strength and Peace. Yes, Loss is Hurt and Pain but Jesus is Hope and Life.


I am here to be a listening ear! I will help you change your mindset & attitude, change your perception of life from a spiritual perspective and help you learn how to trust God in the midst of anger, hurt, confusion and loneliness. My goal is to give you a sense of hope about life that no drugs, alcohol, partying or another person can fulfill. No longer will you be lost in covering up the pain and running away from God but rather gain daily strength and joy that only comes from Christ himself.


This  session is for the woman who is seeking advice or guidance from a spiritual point of view about issues related to:

  • Tragic loss and grief of a sibling

  • Spiritual perspective of life without your sibling

  • Creating memories in honor of your loved one

  • Developing and Maintaining a Personal Relationship with God




All coaching sessions will be recorded and immediately sent to you via email so that you can always keep it as a reference of support!


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