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Need an extra PUSH to designate morning alone time with God? Here are 50 Powerful Prayers that will give you the encouragement you need to pray with boldness, confidence, and authority. Wake Up Girl and PUSH Through is jam-packed with scriptures and biblical references so that you can learn just how powerful it is to combine your natural thoughts with the unchangeable Word of God.


No more just going through the motion, each prayer focuses on God’s omnipotent character and omniscient nature and gives you something to look forward to every morning. Allow these prayers to open up your heart to God, transform your mindset and revitalize your spirit all while you are creating a life-changing habit of waking up early to spend time with God before doing anything else.


In this book you will learn how to:

  • Address the challenges associated with creating a habit of waking up early to spend time with God, such as distractions, lack of focus, lack of energy and lack of self-discipline.
  • Use practical wording that can be easily understood to enhance your own prayers and eliminate the feeling that you are repeating the same thing every time you pray.
  • Confidently pray with authority against the negative thoughts, tactics, and strategies that the enemy uses over your mind to hinder you from making God your first priority.
  • Decree and Declare God’s favor, overflow, blessings, and breakthrough over your life.
  • Use the Names of God to understand His character and the true Power His name holds.
  • Utilize scripture to help you visualize and apply the Word of God based on your own personal circumstances of life.


By using this book, you will be inspired and encouraged to incorporate these prayers into your daily routine. As a result, you will feel God’s presence with you to face whatever the day holds.




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