"The Neeeeed to Write"

November 15, 2016


​I have come to the last few pages of my prayer journal and how I feel this morning...I KNOW I am bound to use up EVERY last page in just this one prayer and then go to Marshall's on my lunch break just to buy another one and continue the same prayer!!!! THAT'S just how MUCH I have on my heart and mind this morning!!!

Have you ever had something bothering you sooo bad that you felt like you just NEEDED to call and tell somebody but NOT just anybody..somebody who wouldn't be judgemental or biased.. even if they didn't have any advice they would just sit and listen to YOU cry and pour your heart out... that's how I felt last night and I realized that God is the ONLY person I have to call on. Family is good and friends are too BUT what I needed I wasn't going to be satisfied with calling any of them...


But I couldn't write when I wanted to because Baby Karter was fussy every time I lifted my pen....so, NOW this morning I'm like a drug addict...NEEDING to write...NEEDING to pour my heart out!!! One thing I know for sure..IF i don't know anything else is that..


"God listens to my problems, listens to my cries, listens to my hurt, and listens to my pain...if nobody else CARES ...I KNOW GOD DOES!! 

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