"Just Because I Love You Baby"

Faith Without Works is Dead..just like "Prayer Without Action is Powerless"! I have been praying asking God to help me, change me, and guide me into being the WIFE that I was designed to be for my husband!!! I've been praying asking God to do a NEW thing in ME!

Well, This past weekend, we both went to my niece birthday party and she had a cake that was OUT OF THIS WORLD Yummmmmy!! My husband talked about that cake all day and all night long!! Soooo, I found out what kind of cake it was and bought the EXACT same one as a SURPRISE to my husband!!! When he woke up for work I had it placed next to his lunch. The moment he saw it He came and said Thank You Baby for my cake what kind is it? Cheesecake?! I said Nopppe its the "Strawberry Lemon Fill with Cream Cheese Icing" we had at the birthday party...

HIS FACE LIT UP!!!!!! He yelled and said AWWWWW MANNNN THANNNK YOU BABBBY IM ABOUT TO MURDERRRR THIS CAKE!!!!! He cut a slice and licked the whole knife like a BIG KID!!!!!!!

It was so awesome seeing how HAPPY he was! I went to sleep last night with a HUGE smile on my face after I wrote it ALL down in my prayer journal!!! Thank You God for the simple things in life that can bring us JOY & Happiness!!! 1 point for Wifey!!

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