"One Day... Is Right Around The Corner"

​I was sitting here writing in my prayer journal listening to a song called "Gods Got a Blessing" in my headphones! Then I drifted off and started daydreaming about how "one day" I know I will be my own BOSS.."one day" I know I will be an inspiration to women all over the world..."one day" my words will touch and restore households..."one day" I will host empowerment workshops and motivate people..."one day" I know I will be a total blessing that will change lives. But, Usually when I say "one day" its like I want something sooo Bigggg that I know is totally impossible or It'll take Mountains to move to accomplish it, or its a dream for the next generation like my children's children (All Negative Thinking)!!!! THEN, something told me to stop thinking on such a low level, with a low expectancy...

"Your ONE DAY is NOT a lifetime away, its right AROUND THE CORNER"!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!


So, I'm sitting here excited and praying asking God to help me be READY and prepared for it! I'm literally sitting here smiling just thinking about how close my "one day" is...I know it is going to be MIND BLOWING and OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

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