"Not a Diary...But a Real Conversation with God"

Writing in my prayer journal was something that didn't come easy for me! Believe it or not Writing out my thoughts actually came from finding my sisters journal she used to write in when she was pregnant!! She wrote about how happy she was and what she wanted to do and teach her son! It was full of her feelings, wants and dreams. When I found it, I wanted to start writing so I could be like her BUT Back then I didn't know HOW to write in a journal..I actually tried to start one, I would jot down my feelings to help me cope with my grief BUT.. actually it was making me worse!

It was a big book full of profanity and anger and It was NOT helping me AT ALL so I completely stopped writing!!! As I matured over time I changed from writing out my feelings like a diary..to me writing out my feelings as if I'm talking to God! I put a filter on my mouth & emotions and started expressing my anger, sadness, and loneliness in a totally different way! I chose to be respectful in my writing even though no one read it but me...because I knew I was talking to God... I HAD to be respectful...(kind of like how you respect your elders! No matter what... you don't go from 0 to 60 in front of Grandmaaa...*oh no no no*...) So, as time passed my thoughts, turned to prayers, and my journal became my absolute best friend all because I was trying to be a copy cat! See its always something I can copy my BIG sister on...and journal writing is ONE.😆 I am a copy cat little sister FOREVERRRRR!!!

In loving memory of Shareka N. Jones.

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