"Your Plans vs Gods Plans!"

Had to make sure I prayed BEFORE we started this drive out of town! I have learned to never go into something that I am super excited about or something that I have planned for or put alot of energy into without writing it down in my prayer journal first!

See, I have experienced toooo many times special moments being ruined because I went in it with my own thinking, my own feelings  and my own set of plans instead of following Gods lead!

We tell ourselves that we want the occasion to start this way and go that way or at this time we are going to do this..and after that we are going to do this....but for some odd reason EVERY PLAN goes wrong!

That's because Gods plan has other variables involved that's not just strictly about "YOU". Gods plan included the traffic that has us late for our arrival...Gods plan included our flight being delayed...Gods plan has everything that we didnt want to happen..to actually HAPPEN! ALL so that he can show us how HE is going to make our plans work!

When we say a prayer and move in Gods motion...times that we normally would be irritable, annoyed or completely stressed...God allows us not to be angry at alll but find JOY in the midst of it!

My own personal experience after praying about plans that I have... it seems like that occasion turned out to be PERFECT in every way! Perfect in a way that I wouldn't have even imagined! Seems like everyone involved was  laughing harder than they usually would laugh, smiling bigger than they usually would smile, talking more than they usually would talk.

See the way God works..your occasion won't just be better for YOU, but its going to have that same affect on EVERY person around you! That positive spirit is going to spread like a wild fire! You are going to feel it, your spouse is going to feel it, your children are going to feel it, your family is going to feel it, the guy at the gas station is going to feel it, the flight atrendent is going to feel it..even the little kid that keeps kicking the back of your chair :) is going to feel it...everywhere you make your presence known..Is GOING to feel it!!

Gods plan is like a chain reaction..it has a domino affect on anybody in the same path...WHY?...because that ONE prayer you prayed for "yourself"..God took it and touched other lives with it!!!

Knowing that God works like that...I am going into this holiday with a new attitude and a new approach!!! I have thrown my plans out the window and grabbed hold to Gods plans! I'm moving to the drum of HIS beat...and with that state of MIND...this Thanksgiving is going to be PERFECT! 

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