"Do We Value The Blessing?"

As I rocked Baby Karter in my arms in his room last night. I started to look around at all the things God blessed us with and HOW he blessed us with it. Then, I said "Thank You" for each one individually! All the things that just a few months ago, I wondered how on earth would we get.

I remember being 9 months pregnant and hoping that we could move out of our 2 bedroom apartment into something bigger so that Baby Karter could have his own room and we could decorate it and be excited for his arrival. I wrote in my prayer journal asking God to please make a way out of no way! Help us to find a 3 bedroom apartment, help us to be able to get out of our lease before the lease is over, help us to have Karter's room all setup..and Help us to do all this before we go in labor so that we will not be STRESSED! Sitting in my rocker I remember calling, researching, budgeting and praying..Just trying to work things out! Even though everything didn't happen the way we planned it too...it all still happened! We was able to get in a 3 bedroom apartment, we was able to get out of our lease and just transfer in the same community without being charged, and we was able to have the basic necessities that our son needed. God Did it! God answered my prayers...BUT there came the enemy! In the midst of me thanking God...a feeling of

"Yeah... You got all this, but look at what you don't have"

You live in an apartment and still don't have a home, you have him a room but its still not decorated...You..." and then I immediately had to dismiss those thoughts! See, how the enemy likes to twist things around to be negative!

I looked down at Baby Karter and regardless of what was running through my mind I knew that he was happy! He doesn't know or care if we live in an apartment, a house or a card board box... He doesn't know or care if he has his own room or if where Mommy is rocking me in is a "pantry closet" with all the cereal! All Baby Karter knows is that he is safe and loved. He doesn't care what color his curtains are or if he has pictures hanging on the wall...all he cares about is knowing that mommy and daddy loves him with all their heart!

So, why must we feel like we need to have certain things all in order to feel complete! Karter feels complete just with kisses and hugs from the people that love him. So, why can't we feel the same. We must get out of our head that having material things is what completes us when we have a family, a spouse, or children that freaking ADORES us! That's completion all in its self!

Did I not know how many people would lovvvve to have a roof over their head, clothes on their back and food in their stomach? So, how DARE I allow the devil to come in and make me complain.

Have you ever felt like God allows for certain things to happen just so that you can know what it means to struggle and not have? If you know what it feels like to not have food you will be grateful for when you do. If you know the feeling of wasting money for rent every month you will be thankful for ANY home that God blesses you with when you become a homeowner. If you know what it feels like to go outside in the freezing cold and your car won't crank up, so you have to lift the hood, put coolant in or maybe "water" just so that your car won't run HOT on your way to work...then you will be appreciative when God blesses you with dependable transportation to get from point A to point B regardless if its luxury or not.

See, what I learned is that where my life is right now, the problems we endure, the struggles we have, and the trials we face are all so that when God gives us our Blessing...We would know how to VALUE it! If we just learn how to smile through the storm, If we just learn how to appreciate the now, If we just learn how to be grateful for what we do have...Life would be just that much more satisfying!

It's not about what you want, it's about what you HAVE. Breath in your body..a sound mind..a loving family...and a heart that could be filled with Joy if we just open up our eyes and SEE the seed in the apple!

The seed in the apple is Gods way of answering your prayers because just with that one seed planted..it will produce a million more seeds Grown!

Each "prayer" I write in my prayer journal is one more seed God is adding to my garden. Even when I can't see the seed manifesting it self because its underground...I must know that the more I "water" it with PRAISE and provide "sun" to it with THANKSGIVING...That seed will flourish into a Mind Blowing, Remarkable, Breathtaking BLESSING that the whole world will see!

As I sat their rocking, holding my precious baby... I believe God was telling me "To be grateful for the small beginnings and continue planting my seeds" because I just never know what is already growing because of it!

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