"The Grinch That TRIED To Steal Christmas"

A few weeks ago, something came over me that made me sooo overly excited about Christmas this year! I was excited about all the little small things that make Christmas memorable like making ornaments, creating Christmas cards, baking gingerbread men, and just being around my little family. Yes, I say "my" little family because I officially have a complete family of my own which is something I prayed about, dreamed about and always wanted.

This will be Baby Karter's 1st Christmas and I wanted to start new traditions and enjoy all the things that money can't buy! See, when you are a kid you remember certain things, that your parents probably don't even realize made an impact on your life. Like for an example, when I was little I remember my sister and I helping decorate the Christmas tree and picking up an ornament that had my name on it dated wayyyyy back to 1987 when I was born. I remember hanging ornaments that my mom made especially for us with years on each of them. It really felt good to see how much love was put into each one and how we kept them all those years!

That's the kind of memories I want for my kids. I started last year with the tradition of making ornaments because it was my husband and I's "1st Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Coleman" annnnd it was our 1st Christmas with our oldest son living with us! So, we had a lot to be happy about! Last year was so Awesome... our oldest son and I made personalized stockings with our names on them to hang over the fireplace, we had Christmas music playing as he fluffed out the Christmas tree and decorated it...and I set up the other decor around the house. OH! The memories...that was really a great family moment!

But see this year "should" be even greater because we have a new addition to the family...which "should" give us even more enthusiasm to make family time FUN! But, it's something that is stopping it...Why won't the devil let us be Great??? The decorations are up but the feeling wasn't like last time, I made Karter a personalized stocking but the feeling wasn't like last time and I even made ornaments with pictures of "Karter & Daddy, Karter & Mommy and Karter & Brother that says "Mommy and Me, Daddy and Me and Brothers"...BUT... THE FEELING WAS NOT LIKE I WANTED IT TO BE! I really feel like crying right now as I type this because nobody seems to understand just how much I value time and special moments in my life and I HATE when they are ruined. I feel like all my ideas to make this Christmas special and memorable with family activities are being taken from me by the enemy continuously coming in "day after day... weekend after weekend" just making it HARD!!!

Has your spirit ever just felt low? I mean you just felt down and sad and no matter how much you try to pick your self up..it's something on the inside that drags your spirit right back down. That's how I am feeling and I had to write in my prayer journal asking God to pleeeeease change my mood, change my attitude, change whatever it is that is making me feel the way I do this holiday BECAUSE I want to be happy soooo bad!!

Why does it seem so easy for the enemy to steal our happiness? Like just the other day I was SUPER happy because I realized that "Heyyyy! Christmas is on Sunday this year so we will have a full weekend to do fun family stuff"... I thought about kicking the weekend off with a..

"1st Annual Coleman Christmas Pajama Party"

...where each of us (daddy, mommy, big brother and little brother) would wear matching Christmas pj's (preferably onesie's if I could bribe my husband into putting one on)...I would decorate the house with cute red balloons to go with the Christmas decor (Hey..whats a party without balloons....balloons say PARTY TIME to me) and then turn on some Christmas Jams, and bake cookies, and then have a game contest! We would play a game of Trouble (which I am a BEAST at), UNO (which I ALWAYS win), and Bowling on the Wii (which I am the QUEEEEN of and have the HIGHEST SCORE in the house). Each person who wins will get to choose a gift under the tree! Sounds Suuuper Funnnn doesn't it?! See, my vision was us laughing, dancing, playing and just enjoying each other! We may not have a billion dollars to spend on gifts but what we do have is each other and that is worth more than money could EVER buy!

So, why does the enemy like to stop those kinds of things from happening? Why does the enemy want us NOT to laugh, NOT to smile and NOT to be excited? Why does the enemy want us to focus on what we don't have and not ENJOY what we do?

I have been writing asking God to bring in "HIS" Joy like only he can..bring in "HIS" Peace like only he can..bring in "HIS" happiness like only he can! Make this Christmas the BEST one yet..Bring us closer together and stronger together! I know that God has the power to remove any thing that is NOT like him! See, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ with love and thanksgiving. My family is what I love and what I am over the top thankful for! I strive daily to be a good wife and mommy and having those roles are the greatest gifts I ever could have received. I refuse to allow the enemy to make me miss out on creating lasting memories...I just refuse too!!! So, as I write in my prayer journal I will...

Fight for my families Peace!

Fight for my families Joy,


Fight for my families Happiness...

Devil, you are the Grinch that stole Christmas....BUT I bind you up... and "THIS" Christmas is "ONE"...





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