Earlier this year, Hey! As a matter of fact it was January 2016, I listened to a sermon by Bishop TD. Jakes called "New Rooms" on YouTube. It was such a powerful sermon and I felt as though he was talking directly to me. As, I started the journey of writing my book and really putting my dreams and ideas into action I always kept that sermon in the back of my mind! When I think back to that message, I remember him stating something that really touched me personally but its not until "TODAY" that I really understood it.

TD Jakes said that "Every successful person needs something or someone that drives them, that's your motivation, that inspires you, that gets your wheels turning". Then, it made me wonder what do I have besides sermons on youtube and my prayer journal that speak to my spirit and get me going.. sad to say...I couldn't think of NOT one thing!

Ohhhh!!!... BUT GOD!

Today, God allowed me to hear a podcast from a truly anointed and oh so powerful woman by the name of "Terrica McClendon"! She has a podcast called "Car Chronicles with Terrica" and in her latest post called "Take the Muzzle Off of your Mouth"... it woke up something on the inside! That's when I realized that THIS is what I had been missing, THIS is what TD Jakes was talking about when he said you need something that drives you! I found what drives me TODAY and it was "Car Chronicles with Terrica"!!

In her post she stated the exact thing that I needed to hear which was... Speak Things into Existence "BUT" not just to yourself. See the thing about me is, I constantly write in my prayer journal and I affirm myself all the time...if you steal my prayer journal *which I would most certainly have to fight you about..lol* you will find page after page of me saying that I am Blessed, I am Successful, I am Favored..etc) BUT "I keep it all to myself". I never tell anybody, let anybody know, or just simply put... I never speak it out of my mouth for the world to hear! To some people that might not be a bad thing but to me it shows a sign of FEAR! How can I say I have Faith and I believe that things I want will come to pass if I'm too afraid to say it out loud for somebody else to hear! I might come up with an idea and mention it slightly to my husband BUT I never fully have that confidence to speak it into existence BOLDLY! Have you ever been afraid to be BOLD? Have you ever feared saying something because you think you might be jinxing yourself? Honestly that's how I felt until I heard this podcast. Her message said:

"Others don't believe in you because "YOU" are too afraid to believe in "YOU"...BUT when you begin to believe in "YOURSELF" then the world around you will embrace and embody who you "ALREADY" are...because Success is "ALREADY" in YOU"

That was so powerful to me because I often times keep certain things to myself from the fear of somebody saying.. Girrrrl, you know how long that's going to take? or Girrl, you know how much money you need to have for that to happen? or Girrrrl, you should have started that a long time ago? All of that negativity gets to me for some reason even when it really shouldn't...I should speak it out loud for others to hear BUT stand firmly knowing that I don't have to explain my plan for getting it done!

When I write in my prayer journal that is "my plan" for getting it done. My plans are between God and myself BUT speaking it out loud is taking the muzzle off of my mouth and having BOLD FAITH! In her podcast she told a deep and very emotional story about her daughter she adopted and how even though the daughter went through trials and tribulations with her biological mom, one day she made her say out loud "I love My Mother" over and over and over until tears flowed down her face. She says that she kept telling her daughter to "Say it Again...Say it Again". What I love about this message was the fact that sometimes we have to dig deep down and pull out what we are afraid to say until tears come out and we start to believe it! The message said:

"With tears in your eyes SAY I am an author even with no words on the paper...With tears in your eyes SAY I live in abundance even with debt collectors calling...With tears in your eyes SAY I am healthy even with Pain in your body..."

YOU GOT TO SAY IT... even with tears in your eyes


I had to stop what I was doing and write in my prayer journal just thanking God for the words that he put in her spirit to speak what I needed to hear! I had to write in my prayer journal thanking God for allowing her to be used by HIM as a vessel. I had to write in my prayer journal asking God to bless her with more than she could ever ask or think of because... SEE, I genuinely enjoy being an inspiration to others and being able to encourage others through my writing BUT it feels sooooo good when I can get some of that same inspiration and encouragement that I sincerely pour out...back to me! God knew exactly what I needed to hear at the exact time I needed to hear it. I am officially taking the muzzle off of my mouth and "with tears in my eyes" after I WRITE IT....


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