"The Flip Side of Helping Others!"

Have you ever wished that what helped you in your time of need could help someone else?  I mean have you ever read a book, listened to a great speech, or heard a sermon in church and immediately thought of about ten people that could truly benefit from that same message.

That’s how I feel when I try to give a family member or friend advice. I tend to give them good words of encouragement but when I start thinking about where I received the wisdom from, I often wish that they could read the book or listen to the speech or sermon. So, I send it to them.  But let’s be honest, even if you send the reference it never gets through to them the way you would hope for. Why, because nine times out of ten they’re not going to click on it. How do I know this, it’s because I am just like them. Yep, sad to say, if someone sends me a link to click on through a text message I say “Thank you so much I will read it or Thank you so much I will watch it” But the very next second I end up finding something else to do and totally forget about whatever they sent me. Not in a bad way and not on purpose, I don’t know, it just innately happens. Am I the only person? Tell the truth shame the devil now,  I know I can’t be the only person who easily gets distracted even when it is something that is sent to help me.  I’ll be honest I have to be in the right mood and have the right approach in my heart to totally receive words of wisdom because if I have too much clutter in my mind, anything and everything seems to go through one ear and out the other.

But Lately, I have been in a good space of being intimate, listening to the Holy Spirit and being obedient to what He puts in me to do or say. Even if I don’t fully understand why He is nudging me to text this person or send an encouraging email to another person…I do it anyway because even if I never know the back story behind it… God knows what that individual is facing and knows exactly what they need at that very moment.  Obedience to God is vital for Him to bless us! Sometimes He will nudge us to make a move but give us no instructions on how to make that move happen, even still, we must obey!

An example of a move, God is nudging me to make without any kind of blueprint on how to do it, is the constant feeling of wanting to be a better resource for people. When I created my website I wanted to help broken people like myself by encouraging and inspiring them to find strength through a personal relationship with God. Knowing that a person no matter where they are located can read something I have written and it blesses their spirit really touches my heart. If they leave my page feeling like I want to grow with God and I want to know Jesus for myself. That is a win in my eyes! I am truly passionate about this and I don’t think anyone will ever understand the kind of joy that I feel knowing that I play a small part in building up the kingdom of God and bringing people to Jesus Christ in an intimate and authentic way simply by expressing how I use my prayer journal and how I made prayer journaling a lifestyle.

I love when people call or text me saying “Hey, what’s the name of your website again. I want this lady to look at it. She is going through some tough times and could really use some encouragement.” But even though when I hear that, it makes me happy I also get butterflies at the same time. I get nervous and start having mixed feelings about my own page…like uh oh! Will my page help her? Will my page lift her spirits? Will my page get the job done?”  I always have these mixed emotions. It’s a combination of knowing that at this moment and at this time right now… is the real test. It’s the real test of am I doing God’s will and am I pouring out everything that I possibly can to help others? I feel like I will always have this weird feeling of not knowing if my encouragement is good enough and if I passed or failed the test. I will never know what kind of feeling someone will leave with once they click off of my page.  Then I‘m stuck with the question, did I help them? So, I constantly pray for direction and guidance as it relates to being an encourager because honestly there is no real way to gauge or measure the amount of people that are actually helped. 

Oh! But then there comes My God! Always knowing how to save the day! Now, this is where I have to give God all the praise, honor and absolute glory! Because the Holy Spirit checked me and said...

“This feeling you have is a LIE! Yes, I say a LIE! You will have a way of knowing if it’s good enough, you will know that you passed and did not fail the test because I am going to pour into you ,as well as, lead you into the right direction on how to utilize the platform I have given you. Never again will you feel like you are not helping others and doing everything you possibly can because I am going to show you what to do and how to do to it? Do you Trust Me?”

That’s when God brought back to my remembrance a conversation I had a few months ago with my husband,  about how I felt about people going to my website and the feeling of it not being a good enough resource and then my husband  gave me these exact words.. “Think about what you use to minister to your spirit. When you are feeling broken, down and discouraged about life what do you use to help you get through it? Whatever you use, show them how to use it too.” I thought about that question for weeks that eventually turned into months. What do I use? Besides writing in my prayer journal…what seriously helps me? Where do I turn to? Then it hit me… I turn to the constant urge of feeding my spirit through “sermons" on YouTube.

Over the years, the wisdom of God that I have received is through feeding my spirit with sermons that I search for on YouTube.  They always seem to get me through. I remember after the loss of my sister, I was trying to find self-love, comfort, strength and courage to continue to live life with a positive attitude and find every way possible not to give up!  I always had to drive down the same expressway every single day to get to my waitress job downtown and I would listen to the same sermon over and over by Bishop Dale C. Bronner called “Waiting for a Change”…the part that I knew and recited word for word every single day was… “Spruce yourself up, pick your attitude up, get your mind setup, get your hopes up, look up, speak up, talk up, you got to have some dreams and ambitions where there is expectation of favorable change in your life…Say I’m expecting good things to happen to me today. Stop milli-mouthing and complaining about the last person that let you down, that hurt you, that betrayed you, that broke your trust, that cheated on you. People don’t want to deal with all of your excess luggage and baggage. Nobody wants to be around that, You got too much drama going on in your life. Leave all of that mess there. Cut yourself loose and be somebody who has an upward mobility in their life. Be somebody that is expecting good things to happen, who has a positive attitude, that’s got God on the inside working on the outside saying "LET GOD OUT OF ME"… You need a life of God inside of you” ...and those words constantly being fed into my spirit helped turn my life around that before was spiraling out of control.  All of those words came from a sermon!

So, just like God placed that sermon in a very rough time in my life to change my negative attitude and approach. That’s the kind of support and help I want people to get after visiting my site. So, God placed it in my heart to make my page the go to place, kind of like a “one-stop shop” of encouragement without having to spend any money…just your time, at your very own pace and on your very own schedule. My goal is to search and find all of the sermons I have ever listened to that brought about a change in my life mentally, spiritually and emotionally  and have them all organized by topics:  Hardship & Pain, Faith & Foundation, Marriage  & Relationships, Breakthrough & Purpose and I believe I will add one more section which will be Discipline & Obedience. But, before I rush into doing anything, I have set a personal goal to re-watch every sermon that I plan to upload on my site and put myself in the shoes of the listener to know how it will touch their spirit based off of how it touches mine, to know what circumstance these words will bring life and clarity into based off of the areas it touches in my life, but also staying mindful  that we are all different and we all perceive information differently and what helps one may not necessarily help another in the same way. But, my goal is for even those people to at least get one thing out of the video that creates a domino effect of change in their life in a positive way.

So, I started last night and I was blown away all over again at how powerful they really are. I sat there in amazement saying to myself “Thank You God, I needed this. Thank You Jesus I needed to hear this word tonight.” Funny? How I was supposed to be re-watching it for others but ended up being blessed all over again. Who would have known that with me listening to a sermon that I heard nine years ago would be just the thing that I needed today. See, the flip side of trying to help others is that you actually start helping yourself. Powerful, huh? The whole time I was listening to the sermon I was just saying to myself “Thank You Jesus. This message is soooo good! OMG! Thank You God people are really going to be blessed by this.” How do I know that? How can I confidently say that people are going to be blessed by it because I know how it was making me feel, I know how it was ministering to my spirit, I know what it was doing on the inside of me. So with that same notion, I will confidently be obedient to the Holy Spirit and know that adding a new tab of videos to my website is going to be so beneficial to whoever chooses to utilize them as a resource. They will be totally blown away at how their life is going to change in a powerful way, so no more feeling nervous as if I am not helping well enough.

“Helping others” is the sole purpose of establishing The Strong Only Get Stronger. “Helping others” is the core of what my mission statement of “rebuilding the broken and strengthening the strong” truly means. Just like Iron sharpens Iron (Proverbs 27:17), helping others grow closer to God by developing a real relationship with Christ is my ultimate goal but the flip side of all of that is by me helping others to Christ it is helping me get closer to Him as well! See, it’s a WIN WIN!

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