"The Time is Now to Embrace This Season"

So, I’m 9 months pregnant and every night I walk pass a corner in our bedroom filled with bags for the hospital and a car seat in preparation for our Big Day! Every time I feel any slight pain, a kick or simple movement I think to myself is this the day, is it time? I get extremely excited and anxious just at the thought of how soon I finally could be holding another little precious creation from God. Have you ever been anxious about something that you have to mentally tell yourself repeatedly to just…calm down, chill, relax…it will come soon enough? This has been me for the past few weeks. Anxious… Anxious… Anxious! But just last night I had a different feeling… I walked in the bathroom and caught a glimpse of my stomach in the mirror and completely stopped in amazement. This wasn’t my first time looking at my stomach but at that moment it felt like it was my first time, I was in awe at how big and beautiful my stomach looked with my baby inside of me. I looked at how awesome God is that He has created a whole little human inside of me without me doing anything to assist. I stood there turning from side to side just taking it all in because I knew that before I know it this season of being pregnant will be over soon and my big pregnant belly will go back to just being a stomach with love handles that seem impossible to get rid of.

Day by day as I spend time trying to get the house prepared for our newest addition I have had three words constantly pop in my head at random times. Those three words have been “Embrace This Season.” As simple as those words are, when I think of them it immediately calms my spirit and somehow makes me smile. What season does God have you in at this point in your life that you subconsciously are rushing through? What situation are you so anxious to get out of, that you are missing the simple joys God is bringing in your life daily?  God is doing a major shift in your life so be very careful not to mistake this season as less than a blessing just because it doesn’t look like what you expected. I am learning that I must remember God’s word that says “For I know the plans that I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (NIV Jeremiah 29:11) That is one scripture that I have been trying to get deep in my spirit so that I can stop being anxious about a new season and start embracing the season I am already in.

As I sit and rub my stomach I realize that the shift I wanted in my life has already happened. The blessing is in this moment, the blessing is being able to conceive again, the blessing is making it to nine months and being able to still fill my baby move and kick inside of me. As a woman, there is so much we have to be thankful for that sometimes we take for granted and pregnancy is one. It’s so easy to just go about these months and not stop to thank God for every new development that your body is making. Every day something new is happening inside of a woman’s body that neither she nor anybody else has control over just God! That alone is super amazing in my eyes and worth giving God the glory for.

I have been listening to the holy spirit speak to me ever so softly saying those three words in my head…that sometimes I have to just stop what I am doing and say "Forgive me Lord, I just want to say Thank You."  I stop and say it and then grab my prayer journal to write it. Sometimes that’s what we need to do is simply stop dead in our tracks and say “Thank You Lord.” Don’t let your struggle and circumstances make you miss the big picture of what God is doing. The Time is now to Thank God, the time is now to embrace the simplicity of laughter, peace and joy. It doesn’t matter how often the happiness comes.. Embrace It! Don’t wait until the struggle is over…Thank God Now. Thank God in the midst of the pain, thank God in the midst of the hardship, Thank God in the midst of the transition, Thank God in the midst of the confusion, Thank God in the midst of the worrying, Thank God in the midst of the battle. Regardless of how hard it may be, regardless of how bad it may look, regardless of how much you may feel like you are drowning with bills, debt, loneliness or depression…we must remember that God wouldn’t put it on us if he didn’t already give us the strength to with stand the test. We must remember that no matter what it may look like in the natural God’s grace is sufficient.

One thing my husband and I always say to each other is “God Got Us”… that’s something we have been saying since we first met and guess what for 5 years now…God still got us and He has you too! I want you to make a declaration with me, that from this day forward we will change the way we think and view our situations and enjoy THIS season, thank God in THIS season, create memories in THIS season, give to others in THIS season, encourage others even when you need the encouragement yourself in THIS season, pour out God’s love and forgiveness in THIS season, walk by Faith in THIS season and completely trust God in THIS season. Embracing where you are presently is showing God that you trust Him and He can have his way in your life, no matter how tough the ride may be…you totally let go and let God take the wheel and have his way!

He has a plan for your life whether it feels like it now or not. Look at everything you are going through and how the attacks are coming from the left and right and every angle. That is proof that God has something absolutely extraordinary up his sleeve and if you just hold on a little while longer. This season will all make sense and you will know why you had to go through every single thing that you are facing right now.  God’s word says “…Eyes have not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9) So stand on his word and Trust His timing of NOW...

Great things are happening in THIS season, slow down and embrace them!  

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