"You Can't Rush Quality!"

When I first came up with the idea to officially write my first book years ago, I was so excited! It was the beginning of January and I thought I had everything all figured out until I realized that I knew nothing about the process. I honestly thought that if I write up something really quick then I could be a real author by the summer time, never knowing the real stages of writing a book with edits and so forth. But, once I finished my draft, I was so proud of myself! I researched publishers and thought I was for sure ready to get this thing rolling! But then hiccups began to happen along the way that I didn’t realize was for my own good. I was in such a rush to make it happen that I didn’t think about how the end result would be affected by me not taking my time. See the thing is…"You Can’t Rush Quality.” There are so many ways I could have had a book released by now, but the “Quality” I desire to achieve takes time. Turning thirty one years old recently made me realize that I’m okay with the wait because it’s the little things along the journey that matter the most. And guess what, same goes for a relationship with God.

Are you rushing through your journey? Are you trying so hard to get to the end result, meaning the blessing, that you are missing out on precious little moments with God, who is the Blessor?  The road I took to get to where I am spiritually took years of reading, listening, learning, praying and having tremendous patience, but that was only to get me half way. See, I haven’t reached the end, I just continue to reach milestones just long enough for me to take a sip of water, catch my breath and get back on the road again, and that’s the journey!

A quality relationship with Christ is full of love, admiration, peace, happiness, humility and forgiveness. It takes time to learn how to truly grasp each of those traits. But we must be okay with the process to get there. In that time of learning there will be hurt, struggle, pain, tears, tragedy and confusion but it’s all there to test the quality of your relationship with God. Will you give up when the going gets tough? That’s a Quality Check. Will you break when things hurt you to the core? That’s a Quality Check. Will you have a negative attitude when people treat you badly? Will you look for a backup plan when your dreams aren’t coming true fast enough? All of this is a Quality Check. How many times do we feel like we have to rush our relationship with God? We feel like we have to rush and know scriptures, rush to know how to pray and rush to live a holier than thou lifestyle. But, in actuality God enjoys watching us yearn to grow, yearn to pray better, yearn to learn scripture and yearn to have a better lifestyle. The mere fact that we want it, is a clear sign that the quality of our relationship is real and authentic. That’s what gives God the okay to start working on our behalf. God is relational. He wants relations with you.  He doesn’t want a quick fix or a fly by night talk and go about your business kind of bond but He wants intimacy. He wants to be intimate with you to know how you feel, where you are hurting and what can make it better. Even though God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent because he sees all, knows all and can do all, He still wants for you to admit that you need him. That simple. He wants to know that you need and want Him in your life. And the way to give God what he ultimately needs, we must be okay with taking the time to build up the quality of the interaction we give to Him. That’s when we have to remember His word that says...

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

Be anxious for nothing… God will use any thing and any person to get you to see what He is doing in your life at the exact moment that you are confused and feel like throwing in the towel. He can speak to our spirit in any way he sees fit. Just yesterday, I was making me a cup of tea and I read the quote that was on the back of the tea bag and it said “Nature does not hurry. Yet everything is accomplished ~ Lao Tzo” and I was like “WOW! That’s confirmation. I needed that. Thank You Jesus!” See, earlier that day I wrote in my prayer journal for God to give me clear signs and confirm everything that I was worried about and even though it was just a tea bag I knew that it was God speaking to me through my spirit because the quality of my relationship allows me to recognize when it’s God trying to tell me something. See, when you constantly feed your spirit you tend to be more in tuned to the ways God can send an answer. But here’s the trick! No matter how much you pray if your mind is cluttered you can’t hear from God. Decluttering your mind is a Quality Check! It is setting out time to say “God I am making you priority.” Decluttering is finding some way to feed your spirit. It is not being in a rush to start the day but getting on your knees and humbly worshiping Him. God honors worship! Even if you don’t know the words to say and it feels weird just try it and say “Thank You God” over and over! Over and over just saying “Thank You God” is a start of true genuine worship and true genuine worship is the start of a true quality relationship. Every day you should add in more time you spend with God. Decluttering your mind is substituting what you normally would do with what can feed your spirit instead. So, if you are driving substitute the morning gossip talk show with a sermon or podcast. If you’re cooking, substitute listening to the kids run around arguing to praise and worship music for that 30 mins to an hour or however long it takes to cook your meal. Those small changes bring great results. A relationship with God should not be a quick fix or a Sunday treat. But quality is being in tune to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is so powerful but yet so subtle at the same time. So never underestimate it’s power because it is the Spirit that allows things that you hear, see and come in contact with to drive you  forward  or make you okay to pump your brakes.

As I wrote in my prayer journal, I asked God for guidance. Guide me on my journey so that the quality of my relationship with Christ will speak for me. I want it to be so bold that even when I leave the room people are still raving about my spirit. Today, I encourage you to slow life down. Slow it down so that the legacy you leave will not be a “should have, could have or would have” but it was an “I came. I saw and I conquered.” Get in tune with the Holy Spirit so that it can push you to GO!  You can’t rush quality so as you crush your goals in life continue to do your quality checks so that you don’t miss out on the most important part and that’s the relationship you have with God!

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