"When The Shake Up Happens!"

I have a question for you. When you pray do you really believe it’s going to happen? Like seriously, when you ask God for help do you really expect for Him to actually help you? Those are questions that have been racing through my mind this past week. Those questions have been going in and out because I looked back through my prayer journal trying to understand why I am going through the things that I am going through. As I flipped the pages, I saw where I had written multiple times, day after day asking for God to be my help. One page in particular, I remember that I wrote asking for God to bring an Overflow of Peace, Love, Provision and Protection in my life. Overflow is supposed to be a good thing, right? Peace, Love, Provision and Protection are all good things that could have been given to me in a nice and easy way, right? But, today God is showing me how He is giving me Overflow but I only will be able to see it with my spiritual eyes not my natural.

In my natural eyes, all I see is that in a blink of an eye everything has fallen apart in my life. But, in my spiritual eyes I see that God is doing something way bigger than I ever could have imagined and everybody is getting touched by it. What He is doing is affecting multiple families and multiple relationships whether we like it or not. What He is showing me is that “A shake up has occurred, and He is not going to let up until every life that was affected by it has made a SHIFT”. This shake up is just like an earthquake...it is so random, very powerful and out of this world scary. Just like an earthquake the “shake” only lasts for a short period of time but the results of it are LIFE changing. The actual shift that comes from the shake is an unbelievable sight to see just like earthquakes are one of the essential geological processes contributing to the formation of mountains. What mountain have you been asking God to move on your behalf?

See, we pray, pray, pray! Pray for God to deliver our children. Pray for our children to make Godly decisions. Pray for God to change their mindset and have a personal encounter with you. We pray for our spouse. Pray for them to change. Pray for them to grow. Pray for them to have a renewed heart, mind and spirit. Pray for them to love us the way Christ loves the church. We pray for our Job. Pray that people treat us with respect. Pray for God to allow our enemies to be our foot stools. We pray for our family. Pray for purpose to be fulfilled. Pray for relationships to be restored. Pray for generational curses to be lifted. Pray for the struggle and the spirit of lack to be over. Pray for provision and protection. We pray, pray, pray. But here’s the catch. Sometimes God makes you face the harsh truth. Which is, out of everything you prayed for…you wasn’t really ready for God to answer, were you? Okay, wait, let me re-word that. How about this harsh truth… You didn’t expect the answer to hurt so much, make you cry so much, be so angry, be so scared, and to be so distraught! Did you?

That’s because God doesn’t do what we want, when we want it and how we want it. He hears our request, watches our actions, checks our heart and moves accordingly. God does what he wants and how He wants to do it. Why? Because God is “ I AM”…he doesn’t answer to anyone and doesn’t care one way or another if what he does makes you sad or angry. The hard question that you must answer is, Will you still love Him? Having a true relationship with God is still loving Him even when he Shakes things up in your life. Still Loving and trusting him when the fear is unbearable, still loving and trusting Him when his will is not what you had in mind. Still loving and trusting Him when the hurt doesn’t seem fair. Will you still Love God even when you don’t feel like he is showing love to you?

As I wrote in my prayer journal today, I had to reevaluate my whole life and through my tears ask myself these questions:

Shantia, Do you still love God? My answer is...Yes, I do

Shantia, Do you still Trust God? My answer is... Yes, I do

Then take this shake up and know that God doesn’t leave ANYTHING on a bad note! He wants you to push through it! Push through it while you constantly say "Jesus Help Me"…I can handle this! His word says “ …all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) So, no matter what it looks like, no matter how much it hurts... the God that we serve will not allow it to end badly but it all works together for good! You Ask, He gives! You Pray, He Answers!

You ask for Change! He will shake it up to make that change happen! You ask for Help! He will shake it up to send help. You ask for Strength! He will shake it up to show you his strength. You ask for God to make your Purpose clear! He shakes it up to bring the purpose out through the pain. You pray, let your will be done, then get ready for God to do everything he has to do for His divine purpose to be fulfilled. You pray for God to have his way, then get ready for God to completely have his way and let loose everything that He wants to “allow” to happen in your life. Watch closely how I used the word “allow”. That one thing that you may think that the enemy is doing, that one thing you thought was for sure the devil being busy and trying to turn your life upside down, that one thing that in a blink of an eye totally changed your life for the worse very well may have been “allowed” by God, all to bring you to your knees and to bring deliverance to your life. Please believe, God will take drastic measures for your eyes to be opened. He will use anybody, any situation and any circumstance to make it happen!

But, what about when it Hurts? What about the pain that comes from it? What about the confusion? The confusion of not knowing if you should hold a grudge and be angry or forgive, confusion of not knowing should you stay or should you leave, confusion of not knowing if you should be patient or throw in the towel. That’s when we must know that no matter what it looks like “The God that we serve is absolutely and emphatically in control”. If we could only just learn how to “take our hands out of it” and let God do his Thing! Every time God is getting close to bringing about a serious change, here we go adding our two cents in it, which is the same thing as putting our hand in. Every time we try to control the situation, every time we try to change it on our own time and in our way we are completely blocking what God is doing. If God needed our help (which he doesn’t) he would surely say so, but yet I say again GOD is I AM, He is Alpha, He is Almighty, He is El Shaddai. He doesn’t need our help or require our approval. If we could only just remove our personal feelings and ask God to show us how to handle this. We have to learn how to get into that quiet place with God and WAIT... yes, wait! Wait for Him to give a sign, wait for a confirmation and be open to receiving it however he sees fit and by whomever he chooses to use to send it. It could be by a complete stranger, it could be by a sermon you listen to, by a book you read, by a movie you watch or by a song you hear. But He will give a sign. Look for it through your spiritual eyes, look for it through your spirit-filled heart and your spirit-led mind. Pray for God to be clear in his approach. Pray for God to make it plain for you! When you humbly come to him, with a humble heart God will answer! God is not so far away and majestic that He can’t answer you in a way that is plain, simple and in the perfect form for you to clearly understand.

When the shake up happens, just know it’s not about YOU; it’s about how can God get the glory THROUGH you!

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