The Ultimate Guide to

Prayer Journaling

How to Start a Life-changing Habit that Restores Your Personal Relationship with God?

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Yes, prayer is a direct line to God, but sometimes it can feel as if you’ve misplaced His number.
Trust me … I’ve been there.
You see, there was a time when I struggled with prayer because my heart was so heavy
with frustration, hurt and grief that I wasn’t even sure how to get Him on the “line” anymore.
But all that changed when I discovered “prayer journaling,” a daily habit that deepened my relationship with God.
In as little as a few minutes a day, prayer journaling boosts my faith and transforms
my spirit, mindset and heart into believing all things are truly possible.
Oh, and that whole feeling I had of, “hello, can you hear me now?”... that disconnect has vanished, leaving God and I to “talk” via the best reception possible.
Every day as I write to God in the pages of my prayer journal, I hold an intimate and
ongoing conversation with Him. And one by one, the deep desires I confide in Him begin to manifest in my life.
That’s why I created “The Ultimate Guide to Prayer Journaling” so you too can experience the deep connection with God you’ve been yearning for.


 “The Ultimate Guide to Prayer Journaling” will deliver:

• Advice on shifting your mindset and approaching God with humility and confidence.
• The 5 building blocks you need to start (and stick to) prayer journaling.
• The 18 essentials that will guide you to engage in deeper, more intentional conversations with God.
• Excerpts from my personal prayer journal and testimonies of God’s grace in my life.
Powerful scriptures and memorization techniques to supplement your prayers.
Sample prayers and writing prompts for those days you’re having trouble finding the words to talk to Him.

Please know that you don’t have to spend another minute feeling lost and disconnected from God. Click the button below to grab “The Ultimate Guide to Prayer Journaling” so you can begin transforming your life and faith today.



You will feel a spiritual breakthrough from the constant clutter in your mind that is blocking a deeper connection with God.

You will learn:

  1. Practical and easy ways to effectively write in a prayer journal.

  2. How to transform your everyday thoughts into powerful prayers that produce life-changing results.

  3. How to use your prayer journal as a positive outlet without feeling judged or ridiculed.

  4. How to maximize your time with God that fits into your busy schedule.

  5. How to write with confidence to see the manifestation of blessings.

  6. How memorization of scripture will empower your prayer life.


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