I teach women how to develop a personal relationship with God that helps them find Joy in 

life after experiencing a Tragic Loss. I provide women who are broken and hurting with the necessary tools and strategies to support them on this journey.

My ultimate goal is to help change your mindset, transform your prayer life, teach you the importance of being disciplined and guide you through daily spiritual habits to promote growth and cultivate a desire to grow closer to God every day!

As you develop your personal relationship with God you will find yourself saying...

"With my hurt and tears, I still will Trust God."

God is a Restorer and He wants to be connected to every part of our lives and help us get through it!

As your coach, I will use my own personal experiences to help you recognize the power you hold, which is Prayer itself.


I am with you on this spiritual journey, and will passionately guide you on the path to find unspeakable Joy, and keep your loved one memory alive through you!

Well, I know first hand that after experiencing a Tragic Loss; Joy does not come literally in the morning, but with growth and maturity, I now know that it does come by having a personal relationship with God!

 Whether you are a wife, a mother, a sister or a daughter, we can all agree that loss is painful.

From my own experience of losing my sister in a fatal car accident, I know that grieving no matter how long ago it has been is very difficult and we need help coping with our loss.

But, Good News! I am here to shine light in a dark and empty place and tell you that your personal relationship with God is the Help!


One- on-One Grief Coaching

For Bereaved Siblings

Free 5-Day Doses of Hope Devotionals

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Atlanta, Georgia United States

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